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Is your bud Connoisseur grade

Many people are beginning to grow and some just grow for the profit. This day and age Connoisseur grade cannabis is seemingly becoming harder to come by.

With the current rise in home grows, it's proving to be pretty challenging to locate high grade top shelf nugg anywhere, even in upscale dispensaries.

In this blog I wanted to touch on a few points that can ensure you're smoking with the big doggs.

From landrace to the newest cultivars the industry has to offer, there are many factors that play into delivering top tier quality. Terpene profile if always the number one most important aspect of a good strain. Some smokers don't seem to pick up on the subtle differences in terp profile, which is very unfortunate.

Some others who have smoked for decades have developed a Connoisseur palate and can taste the subtle differences in each cultivar.

In fact that's the reason we have soo many cultivars innthe first place.

Some cave dude one day realized that one particular plant (pheno) taste better than the rest.

Keeping those seeds only resulted in similar outcomes the following harvest until now. From chocolate to pies and skunks ass we'vefigured out the terpenes that go well with our palates.

The second aspect of a Connoisseur grade bud would be the texture of the final cured product.

Texture is probably the most overlooked aspect of a successful cure. The wet/dry ratio as well as how sticky the final product is will effect the combustion of cannabis. When perfectly cured the ash will turn a pure white as well as deliver all the flavors present in the buds resulting in a superior smoke that's always memorable. A slow dry/cure is always best for preservation of terpenes and to allow the good bacteria to continue creating sugars out of the available carbon in the still living plant tissues.

The third and most important piece of the puzzle would be the potency and enterouge effect that comes from the proper combination of factors. Terpenes go hand in hand with potency as well as the cure. High grade cannabis isn't always high in thc content and sometimes it may be low but results in a super potent high.

The combination of specific terpene molecules in conjunction with thc can result in a noteworthy cultivar that everyone wants to get their hands on. Many low level thc strains have dominated the market for years due to its unique combination of chemistry. Till this very day they stand against our newest cultivars boasting upwards of 36%thc. How is that possible you ask, well aromatherapy has a major factor in the process.

The perfect combination of specific terpenes seems to be impossible to imitate though cannabis gets it correct almost every time.

A true breeder and cultivator will note that some are better than others and some are not worth keeping at all.

This is called pheno hunting and is the reason cannabis is continually changing.

As we evolve our knowledge of the plant, the plant evolves at double the speed knowing just how to present itself as see fit.

Soo how do you know if your buds Connoisseur grade? Well that's easy...

First things first everyone wants it over anything they have available.

Real serious fire is unmistakable and is highly sought after. Some have less appeal but when smoked will become a must have.

It seems the human body has a powerful connection to cannabis, especially super high grade. The high, taste and smell is by far superior to those typical buds everyone else is holding.

An amazing cut isn't always a winner, but a winner is always an amazing cut.

With that being said smoke up and remember there is always better out there.

Always remember it's 420 somewhere 🤙

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